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Every swing is different but I believe staying through the ball and sitting on your back leg are huge. You have to give yourself space with the back leg and you also need stay through the ball to drive it with back spin. Kent and I have talked hitting a lot and there is no doubt Matthes Baseball Academy will help each player improve.

Nolan Arenado

3B Colorado Rockies, (#12 ranked player in MLB by - 2015-2016 National League Home Run Leader)

The Warehouse was home for me and many other great players while we were growing up. It’s a place where I learned the necessary work ethic to achieve my goal of being drafted. Working on your craft is something that needs to be done everyday in baseball and The Warehouse is the perfect facility to help you reach your potential. If your goal is to hit the ball consistently with power, this is the place for you.

Bo Bichette

2016 2nd round draft pick, (Blue Jays #7 prospect)

The Warehouse is a fantastic facility with top-notch instructors.  Kent Matthes and his team not only know how to teach, but they have the ability to relay the message of solid baseball fundamentals to people of all age groups.  The Warehouse has been instrumental in the overall improvement of our league that we see every week as it translates to the field of play.  It has even helped out our coaches with the way we approach practices and games.  Simply put, we love The Warehouse.

Mike Krise

President, North Orlando Kiwanis Little League

Our philosophy at LSU is to first learn how to hit the ball hard with bat speed, from there we teach them how to build the swing mechanically. The harder you hit the ball the better your chances of being successful. Our teaching philosophy is very much in line with Matthes Baseball Academy.

Micah Gibbs

Hitting Coach LSU, (17 CWS appearances, 6 National Championships)

Being in a batting cage is the ultimate sanctuary. It’s a place where the only thing you have to worry about it is getting better and learning about hitting. Batting cages are where you learn how to build a swing that works for you so that when the game starts you know you are prepared for whatever comes your way.  Kent has been through every level of baseball and knows what it takes to be successful. There isn’t a better place to learn about hitting than Matthes Baseball Academy.

JB Woodman

2016 All-American at Ole Miss, (Led SEC in home runs - Drafted 2nd round by Blue Jays)

Kent is a proven dominant collegiate and professional player, who genuinely cares about every player. You can’t beat instruction from someone who has been in every situation themselves. As a professional player, I use the same thoughts and mechanics as well as back up everything that Matthes Baseball Academy teaches.

Nathaniel Lowe

2016 All-SEC at Mississippi State, Drafted by Rays

My son started with Alex two months ago.  He was 7 then but just recently turned 8 years old.  From the very first lesson Logan had with Alex, he has been nothing but more than excited to attend each training.  As an athlete and past coach myself, I cannot say enough words about this young man.  Alex is embracing, encouraging, motivating to the young athletes he works with, his attention if fully focused on the athlete and not any outside distractions which in today’s world is hard to find, and his talents are insane.  Last night I watched Logan put every move and technique that Alex has spent the past 8 weeks teaching him to play. Not only did Logan successfully accomplish making All Stars for his age, by the end of the evening he was invited to try out for the next older level due to his scores! This is a result of the passion Alex has for what he does and the passion Logan has for baseball and for Alex. Alex truly is a rock star and it shows.

Laura Allen

MBA Athlete, son Logan - 9

The instruction that our sons have received through Kent Matthes and Matthes Baseball Academy has been top-notch. Our boys have been with Kent since the inception of MBA and the addition of Coach Alex Lucre. Not only has MBA improved their technique but the coaching and constant challenge has also boosted their confidence at the plate and in the field. Further, the total body conditioning offered only improves performance in all areas. We have been extremely impressed with the way all the coaches at MBA conduct themselves in their training methods as well as their communication with the boys, and with us as parents. Our boys look forward to each lesson and finish feeling stronger and more prepared for what they face in the batter’s box, as well as in the field.

Frank and Ashley Bedell

MBA Athletes, (sons Nate - 12 & JB - 14)